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Just Getting Started?

New to the game? Looking to take the guesswork out of buying lacrosse equipment? We've made it easier than ever to get your new player set up with the perfect lacrosse stick. Introducing the StringKing Boys' Starter and Starter Jr. — beginner sticks thoughtfully made simple, consistent, and convenient. Click the links below for more information.

The Best Trust StringKing

The StringKing team has been around the game of lacrosse at every level, from youth lacrosse fields to NCAA championships. We know what it takes to compete and win at the highest levels, and we know what you need out of your equipment. That's why we set out to make the best, most consistent lacrosse gear in the game. Sticks, heads, shafts, stringing supplies; you name it, we've got it. And over the years, players at every level have recognized StringKing quality. You'll find StringKing lacrosse sticks at the highest levels of high school, NCAA, and professional lacrosse. The best players need the best sticks. That's why the best trust StringKing.
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Looking for every advantage you can get? We offer the best lacrosse equipment online. Our line of performance products are better and more consistent than any lacrosse gear out there. Shop the lacrosse equipment below for top of the line performance available online.
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Looking for more affordable options? You won't find better value in lacrosse. We made our name with the first high-quality, affordable complete stick in 2015. Years later, our commitment to affordable lacrosse equipment hasn't changed. Shop lacrosse gear below for the best value online.
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Featured Setups

Shop below for our featured lacrosse setups. Check out our recommended lacrosse stick for every position. Thoughtfully selected by our expert team of engineers, stringers, and designers, these lacrosse setups represent the best sticks in lacrosse.
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Featured Faceoff Lacrosse Stick

The lacrosse faceoff is a unique battle. Equal parts mental and physical, faceoffs are a huge part of lacrosse. That's why every faceoff specialist needs the right tools for the job. Designed to give every advantage at the X.
Mark 2F Faceoff Lacrosse Head
Men's Type 4f Faceoff Lacrosse Mesh
Men's Mark 2F Mid Pocket
Men's Composite Pro Faceoff Lacrosse Shaft

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Featured Attack Lacrosse Stick

Our offensive lacrosse setup was designed from top to bottom for attack. Our expert lacrosse engineers and dedicated lacrosse stringing team worked together to create the best lacrosse stick for offense.
Mark 2A Attack Lacrosse Head
Men's Type 4s Semi-Soft Lacrosse Mesh
Men's Mark 2A Low Pocket
Men's Composite Pro 135 Lacrosse Shaft

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Featured LSM Lacrosse Stick

Over the years, the lacrosse positions of defensive midfield — d-middie — and long stick midfield — LSM — have significantly evolved. Shop the best lacrosse sticks for the most important role-players in the game.
Mark 2T Midfield Lacrosse Head
Men's Type 4x Semi-Hard Lacrosse Mesh
Men's Mark 2T Mid Pocket
Men's Composite Pro 175 Lacrosse Shaft (D-Middie)
Men's Composite Pro 360 Lacrosse Shaft (LSM)

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Featured Midfield Lacrosse Stick

The best stick in lacrosse. The pinnacle in versatility and performance when it comes to lacrosse heads for midfield, delivering all-around execution on offense and defense. Thoughtfully combined specifically for middies.
Mark 2V Midfield Lacrosse Head
Men's Type 4s Semi-Soft Lacrosse Mesh
Men's Mark 2V Mid Pocket
Men's Composite Pro 155 Lacrosse Shaft

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Featured Defense Lacrosse Stick

They say defense wins championships, but great defense doesn't mean much without the lacrosse stick to back it up. Our lacrosse stick for defense delivers the toughness, performance, and consistency you need on defense.
Mark 2D Defense Lacrosse Head
Men's Type 4x Semi-Hard Lacrosse Mesh
Men's Mark 2D High Pocket
Men's Composite Pro 400 Lacrosse Shaft

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Featured Goalie Lacrosse Stick

The last line of defense. The first line of offense. The quarterback. The general. Lacrosse goalies play lots of roles and need a stick that can keep up. The best lacrosse stick for goalie delivers balanced performance in and out of the net.
Mark 2G Goalie Lacrosse Head
Men's Grizzly 2s Semi-Soft Lacrosse Goalie Mesh
Men's Composite Pro 142 Lacrosse Goalie Shaft

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