American Flag Cloth Face Mask

USA-made. Washable & reusable.
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This limited-edition, 2-ply washable Cloth Face Mask features everything that makes our fabric masks great, with the addition of a screen-printed American flag. You can show your patriotism while helping protect your communities from the spread of coronavirus and COVID-19. Made in the USA by hard-working Americans, using California-grown cotton.

Our original Adult size is closest to our Large size. We now offer masks in Large and Medium sizes, as well as a Small size that's a great face mask for kids.

How It's Made: American-Made Cloth Face Mask


Are cloth face masks effective? Our cloth masks follow CDC guidance for the use of cloth face masks to help slow the spread of coronavirus and COVID-19. These face masks are not medical-grade surgical masks or N95 respirators. Learn more about the CDC recommendations.

You may also be interested in our disposable 3-Layer Face Mask.

Which Mask Should I Choose?

Custom face mask screen printing available for orders of 500 face masks or more. For larger bulk orders or to purchase cloth face masks wholesale, please contact





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Washable Cloth Mask Made in USA Featured Publications
Making USA Made Washable Cloth Face Mask Sewing Blue Fabric

Made in the USA.

These Cloth Face Masks are proudly made right here in America, using premium American cotton. Anything else just wouldn’t be right. Between our main headquarters and about 30 local Los Angeles facilities, we have up to 1,200 hard-working Americans making masks. We’re extremely proud to be one small part in getting Americans safely back to work. Learn more about our fabric masks and how they're made.

Washable USA Made Cloth Face Mask Stitched Black Fabric Close Up

Comfortable and washable.

American Supima cotton is known for being the softest, most comfortable cotton in the world. The two layers of knit fabric that make up our USA Cloth Face Mask are machine-washable and follow all CDC guidelines and recommendations for the use of fabric masks. By using a knit fabric, our face masks are even more comfortable, more breathable, and better at absorbing moisture.
Washable USA Made Cloth Face Mask Black Fabric Material Filter Layers

2-ply protection.

This Cloth Face Mask uses two layers of American Supima cotton grown right here in California. It’s widely considered the best cotton in the world for its premium fibers and ultra-soft, smooth feel. It fits over your nose and mouth to provide basic cover and help slow the spread as you go about your essential daily activities.
Washable USA Made Cloth Face Mask Black Production Team in Warehouse

Ships from Los Angeles.

Every washable Cloth Face Mask is made right here in Los Angeles. We have over 100 employees at our main StringKing headquarters, producing around 15, 000 Cloth Face Masks every day. Our daily output can get up to more than 100,000 cloth masks with the help of about 30 local garment facilities around Los Angeles. Every mask made, packaged, and shipped right here in the USA, by hard-working Americans, using premium American cotton.
Washable Cloth Mask Fabric Made In USA Dimensions

Face mask sizing.

This Cloth Face Mask is currently available in small, medium, and large sizes to fit kids, teens, and adults. The top of the mask fits across the bridge of your nose, and the elastic ear loops are made to stretch for a secure fit. Small face masks are great for kids and children, while medium and large face masks are great for teens and adults. Learn more about the importance of a well-fitting face mask.
Washable USA Made Cloth Face Mask Wear Instructions

Wearing your Cloth Face Mask.

  • 1) With your Cloth Face Mask folded in half along the middle seam, you'll notice one edge is flat while the other curves slightly to a point. The curved side is the top of your face mask.
  • 2) Fit the face mask over your nose and mouth, pulling the elastic earloop straps behind your ears.
  • 3) The top of your Cloth Face Mask should fit comfortably but securely over the bridge of your nose.
  • 4) The bottom of your Cloth Face Mask should fit comfortably but securely below your chin.
  • 5) Remove your mask by the elastic earloop straps, being careful to touch the body of the mask as little as possible to limit the transmission of contaminants.
Washable USA Made Cloth Face Mask Laundry Care Instructions

Care instructions.

Based on CDC guidelines for the use of cloth face masks to help slow the spread of COVID-19, we recommend washing your reusable Cloth Face Mask regularly after each use. A standard cycle in a washing machine and tumble dry should be sufficient to properly clean and maintain your Cloth Face Mask.

Washable USA Made Cloth Face Mask Stitched White Fabric Donation Box

Our commitment.

We are fully committed to helping slow the spread of COVID-19. In support of that mission, we are donating both 2-ply washable Cloth Face Masks and 3-ply disposable 3-Layer Face Masks for free and at reduced cost. If our pricing causes hardship, or if you would like to help donate cloth masks to an organization in need, please email and we will do our best to help.

Washable USA Made Cloth Face Mask Stitched Screen Printed Logo Bulk Ordering

Custom face masks.

We are now offering custom screen printing on Cloth Face Mask orders of 500 face masks or more. Get your business or organization set up with custom Cloth Face Masks featuring your logo. Available on bulk face mask orders of at least 500 masks. Please email for more information on bulk face mask order inquiries.

Cloth Face Mask PPE Wholesale Bulk Ordering Clients

Bulk ordering.

We can fulfill orders of all sizes for customers of any kind. We are delivering masks to organizations, corporations, and government agencies to help people return to normal as safely as possible. Please email if you or your organization are interested in larger orders. You can also visit this page for more information about ordering in bulk.


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