How StringKing Face Masks Are Made

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How It’s Made: Washable Cloth Face Mask

Every one of our washable and reusable Cloth Face Masks is made in the USA with California-grown Supima cotton. We have a production team right here at our headquarters in Los Angeles, as well as about 15 local facilities around the city working on various parts of the process. All masks are finished, packaged, and then shipped by our experienced fulfillment team.
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The body of the mask is made entirely from premium Supima cotton grown right here in California, while the ear loops are a 50/50 blend of nylon and elastane. Supima cotton is one of the finest natural fabrics available for fashion, apparel, and home products. It features naturally longer, thinner fibers than regular cotton, making it ideal for use in a face mask due to how soft, comfortable, and long-lasting it is. We also use a knit, rather than woven, fabric to create a more robust and effective filter. Knit fabrics are more 3-dimensional and have more body, whereas woven fabrics form more of a flat sheet. This depth serves two important purposes: it allows for more airflow and it creates a more complex barrier.
Washable Cloth Face Mask Black USA Made Fabric Filtration Materials


Each mask is made of two layers of our Supima cotton sewn together. Just like the knit construction of our cotton makes each individual piece a more effective barrier, the double-layered design adds even more depth and coverage to your Cloth Face Mask. It fits over your nose and mouth to create a basic barrier and help slow the spread of novel coronavirus and COVID-19. These masks do not feature an internal replaceable filter or a slot to add your own. Read more about the balance of breathability and filtration below.

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Our Cloth Face Masks are all made right here in Los Angeles. When the COVID-19 outbreak hit and quarantines began, we converted our in-house apparel operation to make masks as quickly as we could. In a matter of days, we expanded from 2 production workers and a handful of sewing stations, to more than 70 workers and as many stations. Daily production at our main office is now up to 12,000 Cloth Face Masks. We also have about 30 local garment facilities here in Los Angeles helping with production, bringing our total daily output to more than 100,000 fabric masks. Every mask is finished, packed, and shipped from our headquarters, with almost more than 55,000 units being sent out every day of the week.
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Our number one priority is making our PPE as safe and as effective as possible, and the entire operation is closely monitored by our Product Development team to make sure we are hitting that goal. Our Production Managers have decades of experience in the garment industry, ensuring each mask is made to the highest standards. They work directly with our Product Development team every day to improve the process and design, making our masks better and our production more efficient with each passing day. If you are not fully satisfied with the product you receive, please email and our team will be more than happy to help you out.