Best Cloth Face Masks Made in USA

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Grown, Sewn, and Shipped from Los Angeles

We proudly make our washable Cloth Face Masks right here in America. Just about every step of the process takes place in California, from growing the cotton, to sewing the masks, to fulfilling every order from our LA headquarters. We are proud to be helping provide jobs to hundreds of hard-working Americans, and to help the US return to life as safely as possible.
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Our Materials

Our reusable Cloth Face Mask is made using the finest USA-grown Supima cotton available. The properties of American Supima cotton make it an ideal choice for a face mask, and all the cotton we use is sourced from right here in California. We start with the best American fabric in the world, for use in the best masks made in USA. Read more about our American made cloth face mask for sale.

Our Operation

We completely transformed our entire operation to produce face masks. Here at our headquarters in Los Angeles, we added more than 80 employees to our team and as many sewing, finishing, and shipping stations. Our team works around the clock to fulfill orders as quickly as we can. To keep up with demand, we have about local 30 garment facilities around Los Angeles working on various parts of production. We're employing over 1,500 Americans, directly and indirectly, to supply the best masks made in the USA.
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Our Commitment

Our goal is to help Americans resume their lives as safely and responsibly as possible. Here at our facility, we've implemented strict healthy and safety measures, including social distancing, hand sanitizer, and face masks for all employees, to ensure a safe work environment. We've supplied businesses, corporations, government agencies, and organizations of all kinds with hundreds of thousands of face masks to help them responsibly return to work. We've donated more than 25,000 face masks to those in need, including homeless shelters, social service organizations, hospice and long-term care facilities, and essential personnel of all kinds. We are truly grateful to be in a position to help right now, and we are more than happy to work as hard as we can to supply as many face masks as possible.