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Disposable Kids Face Mask

3-ply disposable kids face mask.

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Our children’s size disposable face masks provide single-use coverage for kids and younger children. The 3-Layer Kids' Face Mask is made with high-quality materials, an adjustable wire nose bridge, and elastic ear loops for a comfortable and secure fit. They’re for school, playing sports, and just being a kid. The CDC recommends using a well-fitting mask to help slow the spread of coronavirus and COVID-19, so these children’s disposable face masks are made to fit easily and reliably.
Intended Use

This single-use face mask covers the wearer's nose and mouth, providing a general physical barrier to protect the wearer from the environment, and the environment from the wearer.

Face Masks for Kids: Breathability & Filtration

If you’re looking to purchase a washable, reusable nose and mouth mask for kids or adults, we recommend our USA-made Cloth Face Mask.

Which Face Mask Should I Choose?

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