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StringKing makes the most consistent products in the game of lacrosse, period. We got our start in men's lacrosse, but we brought the same attention to detail and commitment to quality when we started making products for women's lacrosse. We offer a full array of affordable and high-performance women's lacrosse gear, including heads, stringing supplies, shafts, sticks, and other accessories. Shop online for the best equipment for women's lacrosse.
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Featured Products - Performance.

Want to use the best women's lacrosse equipment in the game? We have you covered. Elite products for women's lacrosse, designed to deliver top of the line performance on every play. Shop the best gear online.
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Featured Products - Value.

Want a more affordable women's lacrosse setup? We have the best lineup of value products in the game. Quality and consistency shouldn't cost a fortune. Shop affordable options for women's lacrosse today.
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Use the links below to explore all women's lacrosse gear, including lacrosse sticks, heads, shafts, mesh, strings, and accessories. The best equipment in women's lacrosse, buy online and shipping fast.