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Affordable Metal Goalie Shafts For Men's Lacrosse

Lighter. Stronger. Better.
Lighter. Stronger. Better.
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Advanced manufacturing and better materials make Metal 2 our best lacrosse shaft yet. Multiple weight offerings let you find the perfect balance of speed and strength to fit your game.


Which Weight Should I Choose?


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StringKing Metal 2 Goalie Lacrosse Shaft Weight Options - Black

Preference is everything.

The Metal 2 goalie lacrosse shaft is available in two weights to cater to every playing style. Now you can select the combination of speed and strength needed to optimize your game.
StringKing Metal 2 Goalie Lacrosse Shaft Weight Chart

Next-generation alloy.

We traveled to 8 countries in search of the best metals in the world. The result is an alloy lighter and stronger than what’s used in the aerospace, military, and automotive industries. Better materials means the Metal 2 goalie lacrosse shaft can be stronger without weighing you down.
StringKing Metal 2 Goalie Lacrosse Shaft Recommendation Chart

Find your shaft.

Different goalies play with different styles. Some guys want the lightest lacrosse shaft possible to get the quickest hands they can get. But a goalie who takes the ball upfield might need something heavier and stronger to withstand all those slashes. Two weight options means you can choose the one that works best for your game.

Durability guaranteed.

If your lacrosse shaft breaks within its warranty period, we will replace it for free.
  • Major dents, cracks or breaks.
  • Any bend in the shaft.
  • Manufacturing defects.
  • Anything that would deem the shaft unplayable or significantly affect performance.
Not Covered
  • Intentional cutting (goalie shafts excluded), altering, or deliberate misuse.
  • Minor dents or scratches.
  • Discoloration.
  • Purchases from unauthorized dealers.

Photo documentation and valid proof of purchase are required for a full warranty credit.

Warranty replacements have a limited warranty that covers 50% of their retail value.

If you use your warranty credit to upgrade to a more expensive lacrosse shaft, your replacement will have a full warranty.


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