Mark 1 - Affordable Lacrosse Head

Simple. Strong.
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The Mark 1 lacrosse head builds on all the top features of our favorite heads, and delivers them in a stiff and functional design.






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StringKing Lacrosse Mark 1 Type 2 Mesh Strung Lacrosse Head Channel - Black

Ultra-stiff construction.

Superior materials and construction prevent the head from flexing when passing and shooting. This improves speed, accuracy and consistency.
StringKing Mark 1 Lacrosse Head Unstrung Aggressive Scoop

Aggressive scoop.

An aggressive forward tilt and a rounded scoop make ground balls easier to attack from all angles.
StringKing Mark 1 Lacrosse Head Type 2 Mesh M Pocket

Pocket-driven design.

The side rails and face shape have smooth curves designed specifically for mid-low to mid-high pockets.
StringKing Mark 1 Lacrosse Head Style

Functionality drives style.

The simple design of the sidewall creates a lightweight, stiff, and durable lacrosse head.

Durability guaranteed.

If your lacrosse head breaks within its warranty period, we will replace it for free.
  • Major cracks, bends, or breaks.
  • Manufacturing defects.
  • Anything that would deem the head unplayable or significantly affect performance.
Not Covered
  • Intentional alterations (pinching, baking, bending, cutting) or deliberate misuse.
  • Minor nicks or scratches.
  • Normal wear and tear.
  • Purchases from unauthorized dealers.

Photo documentation and valid proof of purchase are required for a full warranty credit.

Warranty replacements have a limited warranty that covers 50% of their retail value.


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