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Pre-Cut Athletic Tape for Lacrosse

The best thing since sliced bread.
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StringKing Lacrosse Tape was designed with a pre-cut 2 cm and 1 cm strip to make taping your lacrosse stick easier than ever.



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StringKing Lacrosse Accessories Lacrosse Shaft Tape Pre-Cut


Pre-cut with 1 cm and 2 cm widths that make for easy, consistent tape jobs.
StringKing Lacrosse Accessories Lacrosse Shaft Tape White Roll

Optimal stickiness.

Just the right amount of adhesive for a secure, long-lasting tape job.
StringKing Lacrosse Accessories Lacrosse Shaft Tape Texture Close Up

Enhanced feel.

Slightly rough texture offers improved grip without tearing up your gloves.
StringKing Lacrosse Accessories Lacrosse Tape Lacrosse Shafts


Two color options allow you to customize your lacrosse stick.


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