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Sales Representative - E-Commerce
Product Development - Computer Science
Product Development - Robotics
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Sporting goods and apparel are incredible platforms for learning how to make really cool things.

At StringKing, we are becoming experts in textiles, plastics, composites, metals, 3D design, mechanical simulation, physical testing, custom manufacturing, robotics, automation, software development, and more.

Our commitment is to creating the best possible products combined with the best possible online experience for our customers. We are constantly learning and challenging ourselves with exciting new projects. Some of our current endeavors include:

  • Building automated robotic manufacturing systems.
  • Developing custom internal systems for tracking manufacturing, sales, and more.
  • Writing software that integrates and connects multiple physical and digital systems.

We are looking for smart, curious, hard-working individuals who want to grow their own skillsets and push the envelope of what’s possible with physical manufacturing, robotics and automation, and software development.