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Mechanical Engineer – CAD Optimization / Simulation / FEA
Mechanical Engineer – 3D Design
General Product Development
Marketing Coordinator - Photo/Video
Operations Coordinator
Intern - Product Development
Intern - General
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Sporting goods is an incredible platform for learning how to make some really cool things. We are becoming experts in textiles, plastics, composites, metals, 3D design, mechanical simulation, physical testing, custom manufacturing, and more.

We are constantly challenged with exciting projects such as:

  • How to make the lightest, most dent resistant metal ever created.
  • How to make the lightest, stiffest, most break resistant composite ever created.
  • How to make the lightest, stiffest, most durable plastic head ever created.
  • How to make the most dimensionally stable piece of knit fabric ever created.
  • How to build new custom manufacturing equipment for new products that have never been made before.

Our short-term goals are to make the best lacrosse heads and lacrosse shafts that have ever been created. But ultimately, we want to use the skills we are learning and the tools we are building to make new and more exciting products in fields outside of sporting goods.

We need more hardworking, smart people who want to push the envelope of what is possible. People who don’t think it’s crazy that a company that started making lacrosse mesh could one day be making cars (or at least a long sleeve t-shirt that you can roll up and roll down without the sleeves getting loose).