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BBCOR Bats for Sale

You won’t find a better value than StringKing BBCOR bats. Other companies charge upwards of $300 and even $400 for new BBCOR bats. Not us. We deliver as much power and performance as a top-tier bat at a fraction of the price. Unlike cheap BBCOR baseball bats with similar price tags, our BBCOR-certified bats have as much pop as the rules allow.
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Consistency is King

We’ve spent the last decade building our name on one thing: quality, consistent performance. Performance doesn’t mean much if it’s unreliable. That’s why we dive deep, spending countless hours becoming experts in every aspect of our products and our manufacturing processes. And that’s why our final product is as good as any top-tier bat out there, for just a fraction of the price.
BBCOR Baseball Bats Half

The Best Warranty in Baseball

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to jump through a bunch of hoops just to get help with a bat that didn’t hold up. Our warranty process is as easy as it gets. All BBCOR baseball bats are fully backed by our 1-year guarantee. Just submit a claim through our warranty portal, and we’ll take care of the rest quickly and easily. We take the headache out of the process.