Baseball Bats

StringKing Baseball Aluminum Baseball Bat for Kids Adults College and High School

Why StringKing Baseball?

If you haven't heard of StringKing before, since 2011, we have manufactured and offered the most technologically advanced products in lacrosse. After years of research and utilizing our experience in metal manufacturing, in 2018 we released a line of premium baseball bats.

Understanding that the baseball market is very overpriced and that the pricing of baseball bats has made the sport less inclusive, our goal since entering the baseball market has been to manufacture the highest performing bats possible at the best possible price.
Baseball Bats Extra-Short

Which Bat Should I Choose?

The most important factor when figuring out which baseball bats to get is to determine what rules you play under. Different ages and different leagues play with different rules, and those rules govern which bats you can use.

BBCOR is the standard for baseball bats in NFHS and NCAA baseball.
USABat, is used by ages 6 to 12 for little league organizations.
USSSA baseball bats are designed for younger players—ages 7u to 14u.