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Don’t waste your money getting the hottest new baseball bats, or the “must-have” cool baseball bats this season. All StringKing bats deliver as much power and performance as any top-tier bat, at a value that can’t be beat. A metal baseball bat from StringKing performs as well as the most popular bats on the market. Oh, and it costs up to three times less than the other guys’. Who needs fancy custom metal bats that can cost close to $400, when you can get the same performance for a fraction of the price?
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Which Bat Should I Choose?

The most important factor when figuring out which baseball bats to get is to determine what rules you play under. Different ages and different leagues play with different rules, and those rules govern which bats you can use.

BBCOR is the standard for baseball bats in NFHS and NCAA baseball.
USA Baseball, or USABat, is used for play below high school and college.
USA Slowpitch bats are used for softball leagues under USA rules.
StringKing Metal Pro Aluminum Baseball Bat

Maximum Performance

Our Metal Pro bats are our highest-performing bats. We utilize our most advanced engineering and best materials to deliver all the performance of a top-tier bat, but at a fraction of the price. Built for long-lasting performance. Available in BBCOR, USABat, and USA Softball versions.
StringKing Metal Aluminum Baseball Bat

Maximum Value

Our Metal bats are our value line of bats. While they deliver just about as much performance as their Metal Pro counterparts, the materials used in the Metal don’t remain quite as consistent over time. Built for unbeatable value. Available in BBCOR and USABat versions only.