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Why Custom-Fit?

When we decided to make our own apparel, we quickly realized the most important part of a great garment: a great fit. Standard sizes can only fit so well, and they tend to fit some people much better than others. That's why StringKing apparel is 100% custom-fit. Our goal is to fit every one of our customers perfectly. Because a great fit breeds confidence, and confidence breeds happiness. Look good, feel good, live good.
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The Process

Our custom-fit process is quicker, easier, and less invasive than anything else available. Simply answer a short questionnaire with some personal details, choose the garments you want, and we take care of the rest.
No separate app to download. No pictures to take. No appointment needed.
Just a few quick questions and you're ready to order whatever you want. Then just sit back and we'll get it shipped in as little as 2-3 days.

The Data

We use two large data sets of more than 25,000 3-dimensional body scans to create a representative cross-section of the North American population. Each scan includes various measurements about that individual's body, as well as some non-identifying personal information. By analyzing all that data, we're able to see which information corresponds the strongest to a person's body dimensions. And that's the info we ask for in our questionnaire.

Your answers get analyzed in comparison to our data. Using only that info, our system can predict the key measurements of your body within just 3% error.
6 questions, 97% accurate or better.

Custom Fit Clothing Algorithm

The Algorithm

Once our system uses your answers to predict the relevant dimensions of your body, our custom garment design software goes to work. Sophisticated machine learning combines our data with ongoing and constantly updating analysis. It works by determining the measurements of the garment that will best fit the body dimensions predicted from your questionnaire answers.

You answer a few short questions. Our system predicts the relevant dimensions of your body based on those answers. Our algorithm determines the garment measurements that would best fit that body. It's that easy.

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Your Garment

Now that our Perfect Fit Algorithm has predicted your body dimensions and determined the garment that would be the best fit, it's time to actually make your clothes. The last step is for our system to send the final garment design to our production line. The exact measurements of your garment are automatically laid out on the fabric of your choice, and cut by our laser cutter.

Every step of the process is completely automated to this point. Our team is not involved in analyzing your questionnaire, predicting your body dimensions, or designing your garment. We built our system from the ground up to do that automatically and instantaneously. In the end, our team of experienced garment workers sew, finish, and package your order for delivery.

Our Promise

We believe that every person's view of, details about, and beliefs regarding their body are personal. We acknowledge that some of the questions in our questionnaire may feel private, and understand that subjects like physical appearance, shape, and size can be especially fraught for individuals who have experienced any form of discrimination or victimization due to these features. We also recognize certain groups and communities have been, and continue to be, targeted for their race, gender, and other identities.

Our goal is to help everyone feel as confident in their clothes and in themselves as possible. With custom-fit apparel, nobody needs to experience the discomfort, shame, or anger at not conforming to some "standard" look.

We promise that any information provided on the questionnaire is only to ensure your clothes fit you and your body as perfectly as possible. We do not use this data for demographic tracking, advertising, or any other purpose.