Custom Clothes Made in the USA

Custom Fit Apparel - Made-to-order Bespoke Apparel Made in the USA
Custom Fit Apparel - Made in the USA

Made in America.

Every piece of custom-fit apparel is designed, cut, sewn, and shipped from right here at our headquarters in Los Angeles. We do it all in-house, from developing the software and Perfect Fit Algorithm, to building the hardware of our production line, to sewing and delivering the final product. This gives us unmatched control over the entire process and lets us ensure the highest quality and quickest delivery. Proudly American-made.
Custom Fit Apparel - Made in America - Development


StringKing apparel is not like other clothing brands. All of our garments are 100% custom-fit. No stock sizes. No pre-made inventory. We use a proprietary algorithm and custom-made hardware to create personalized garments faster than anyone in the industry. The entire operation was designed and built by our in-house team. Our software engineers developed the algorithm from the ground up. Our mechanical engineers built a custom fabric carousel. From concept to delivery, StringKing apparel really is made in America.
Custom Fit Apparel - Hoodie - Grey


Everything we offer is entirely custom-fit and individually-made when you place an order. We don't waste time by having a design team create garments for our development team to implement for our production team to make. The custom software we built streamlines the entire design process. While most clothing brands take weeks or months, we can go from concept to production in a matter of days. And it's all done right here at our office in Los Angeles.
Custom Fit Apparel - Made In the USA - Laser Cutting


Not only was our entire system developed and every garment designed in-house, it's all made right here at our headquarters too. We have a sewing operation with a team of more than 50 people making every single garment. We built the carousel that holds and dispenses our premium fabrics. We built the laser cutter that cuts each garment from the fabric roll. And our team sews everything with meticulous attention to detail. With the entire operation right here, we have complete control over the quality of everything we make.


Our team has been fulfilling orders from our Los Angeles headquarters for almost a decade. We handle everything from an item or two for individual customers, to hundreds of thousands of items for corporate customers and government agencies. Every order is handled by our experienced team as quickly and reliably as possible. That's how we can ship our 100% custom-fit clothes in as little as 24-48 hours.