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Sending moon shots to Pluto has never been easier. Add this grip to any baseball or softball bat to get a secure, comfortable, and confident hold on every swing.

Our nicely packaged Baseball Bat Grips are expected in March 2022. In the meantime, these are sent without packaging, but you can still expect elite performance.


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Less vibration.

We gave our original bat grip a complete overhaul. The new StringKing bat grip reduces painful vibration when you make contact with your baseball or softball bat. You can focus on sending the ball to Pluto instead of worrying about your hands.

More power.

The force you generate should send the ball to the moon, not make your hands ache. Our bat grip is designed to absorb and redirect excess energy into your swing. Hurt the ball, not your hands.

More confidence.

When even your bat grip is working for you, you'll feel more and more confident every time you step up to the plate. Get a comfortable grip, don't worry about your hands, and swing for the moon.

Durability guaranteed.

If your breaks within its warranty period, we will replace it for free.
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Photo documentation and valid proof of purchase are required for a full warranty credit.

Warranty replacements have a limited warranty that covers 50% of their retail value.