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Custom Fit Apparel Premium Materials Cotna Fabric Macro


Moisture-wicking performance fabric.
95% Cotna; 5% Elastane
Fabric Weight: 155 g/m²

Our Cotna fabric is perfect as a comfortable base layer for light to moderate activity and cooler conditions. Its unique fibers are great for wicking moisture, drawing sweat away from your body for faster evaporation and to keep you feeling dry. They're also great at regulating your temperature, which helps you keep from getting either too hot or too cold. A hint of elastane gives you the perfect amount of stretch for a comfortable, lasting fit.
Custom Fit Apparel Premium Materials Pima Cotton Fabric Macro

Peruvian Pima Cotton

Soft and comfortable casual fabric.
95% Pima Cotton; 5% Elastane
Fabric Weight: 180 g/m²

Peruvian Pima cotton is widely considered the highest-quality cotton available anywhere in the world. It produces fibers that are longer, straighter, smoother, and more fine than other types of cotton, which create smoother, softer, more luxurious fabrics. We then put our Pima cotton fabric through additional treatments that make them even softer and more comfortable, as well as help them hold up better over time. A touch of elastane ensures a better fit. Available in light and medium weight options for your preference.
Custom Fit Apparel Premium Materials Pima Cotton Polyester Blend Terry Cloth Fabric Macro

Pima Cotton/Polyester Blend

Warm and breathable sweatshirt fabric.
58% Pima Cotton; 37% Polyesyer; 5% Elastane
Fabric Weight: 320 g/m²

This blend of polyester and Peruvian Pima cotton is perfect for a medium weight top designed to stay moderately warm. It provides the comfort and warmth of our premium cotton with the lightweight breathability of polyester. Each material is made to resist wrinkling and pilling over time, giving you a long-lasting garment that will hold its shape and keep you looking fresh.